First things first. A typical plumbing inspection will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $200-500. Not chump change, but still not too much that it’ll break the bank.

However, that one inspection – ideally performed annually – could save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs, home repairs, and possibly even medical bills due to injury. On more than one occasion, our crew has performed an inspection and found an issue that needed to be dealt with immediately – not tomorrow, now.

Though dangerous situations are not the norm, it’s still a good idea to schedule a periodic plumbing inspection as part of your yearly maintenance. Of course, you should also get one performed before you:

  • Buy a Home
  • Sell a Home
  • Refinance a Home

Of course, if you’re performing just a routine checkup on the state of your house or trying to identify a larger problem, those are also good times to schedule a plumbing inspection.

Reputable plumbers will do more than just walk around your house with a clipboard. They’ll check for leaks, crawl underneath your sink, and even use a camera to do a more thorough investigation. Basically, anywhere that water runs through your house, a plumber will investigate.

Where Will They Look?

If you have a specific part of your house you want the plumber to investigate, start there. Otherwise, you can ask a plumber to inspect the main sewer line (essential if you’re buying an older home), a water heater (which normally lasts about ten years), and even toilets. Most of the things they’ll look for are not obvious to an untrained eye or very accessible. They’ll spot discoloration, movement, or any kind of pipe warping that’s indicative of a problem.

What Should You Do After?

An inspection is a one-off service, which means your plumbing tech will hand you information that you can use to make your decision. Where you go from there is up to you: If you want them to service it, schedule it with the technician, or if you would like to tackle it yourself, you’re free to do so.

Regardless, prevention is the best course of action you can take. If they point out that your pipes are not insulated, take a few hours and get them wrapped. If they pointed out a leak that could be a problem later, keep an eye on it. The best person to take care of your home is ultimately you, so make sure you stay vigilant.

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