hot water heater leaking

When your hot water heater starts to leak, it is important that you handle the problem as soon as possible to prevent further issues from arising. Once you know the cause of your leak, you can repair the problem or replace the entire unit to ensure that your family has access to hot water when needed. If you are having trouble locating the problem, call Fountain Plumbing in Tyler, TX to help identify the problem. Here are a few steps to follow to help fix your hot water heater leaking problem.

Turn Off the Power

Before you begin working on your hot water heater, it is necessary and crucial that you turn off the power to the unit. This is an easy step for people who have a gas unit, because all you have to do is locate the on/off switch on the unit itself. For electric hot water heaters, find the switch on your breaker box and make sure it is in the off position. Since you are dealing with electricity and water, it is important to stay as safe as possible.

Turn Off the Water

The last thing you want is a bigger mess on your hands because you forgot to turn the water flow off before getting to work. Depending on the size of your leak, turning off the water valve on top of your hot water heater unit might be all you have to do. For larger leaks, you need to shut off the entire water supply to your house. 

Check Connections

Once the power and water are temporarily turned off, check the cold and hot water inlet connections. If they are loose, you might have easily found the source of your problem, and can easily solve them by simply tightening the connections.

Check the Drain Valve

Another possibility for the cause of your hot water heater leaking could be the drain valve located on the bottom of your hot water unit. If this valve is slightly opened, it can be tightened to reduce the amount of water escaping.

Check the Temperature and Pressure Valve

Checking the temperature and pressure valve (commonly referred to as T&P Valve) can be a bit more involved and might require professional assistance. Your local plumber in Tyler, TX is available to help make sure the pressure and temperature inside your hot water heater are set to the right levels to ensure safety and delivery of hot water to the home.

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