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Nestled in the piney woods of East Texas, Tyler, Texas is home to an incredible amount of wildlife, parks and natural beauty. It’s beautiful year-round (albeit a tad humid in the summertime), and there’s always things to do!

Here are some of the top things our plumbers love to do in their off-hours — including some of their favorite places to take their families!

Tyler Rose Garden

If gardening is your thing, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful place to take a stroll than the Tyler Rose Garden. With more than 35,000 rose bushes spread out over 14 acres (and more than 500 varieties of roses), you’re sure to find a little slice of tranquility.

Though it’s open year round, the best time to visit is October and mid to late May, since that’s when the roses are in bloom. If you like, you can also rent the garden center for a special event, so be sure to contact them if you’re interested!

Caldwell Zoo

Known as one of the largest zoos in East Texas, Caldwell Zoo has more than 500 animals from 87 different species, in addition to a “Wild Bird Walkabout” that houses more than 400 parakeets and cockatiels. Some of the animals you can expect to see include penguins, elephants, and even a pair of white tigers.

By all standards, Caldwell Zoo is an institution in Tyler, TX. Started by David King Caldwell and his wife nearly 100 years ago, it grew from a discovery center aimed at kids to a place the whole family can enjoy.

1859 Goodman-LeGrand House and Museum

For history lovers, the Goodman-LeGrand House is a work of art. Originally built in 1859 as a one-story, four-room house, it was eventually expanded over the course of its life to include a second story and several additional rooms. It’s also housed several families that are noteworthy in Tyler’s history.

The museum offers a unique opportunity to glimpse into what life looked like in East Texas during the pre-Civil War era. Not only is the architecture period-original, but the furnishings inside are reminiscent of the time as well. Grandfather clocks, hand-painted china, clothing, and even medical books are all on display.

Liberty Hall

Is there anything better than a live performance that is both intimate and breath-taking? Liberty Hall Theatre, operated by the city of Tyler, TX itself, is a music and performance venue that is right at the heart of downtown. Whether it’s comedy, film, or theater, a night at Liberty Hall Theatre is a night well spent.

Like most everything else in Tyler, this place has its fair share of history, as well. It opened for the first time in 1930 — right in the middle of the Great Depression — and was recently refurbished in 2011 to create an art deco style. With a seating a capacity of only 300 people, it’s large enough to hold all sorts of activities, while being small enough to feel like you’re getting a private show.

Discovery Science Place

The future of our world is in the hands of our children, so the more we can stimulate their minds to creativity and exploration, the better off our civilization will be. The Discovery Science Place of Tyler, TX has made that their personal mission, to “ignite curiosity in young minds through fun, hands-on exploration.” 

Not that the kids will see it that way. All they’ll notice is room after room of exhibits, displays, and presentations, the vast majority of which is completely interactive. It’s also wheelchair and handicap accessible, so everyone can enjoy the fun! They also deliberately keep their prices low and provide reduced cost field trips, scholarships and programming throughout East Texas.

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