We’ve talked about plumbing faucets before, and frankly we didn’t think there was going to be much new to add about the technology.

We were wrong. Moen M Pact common valve systems make it extremely easy to change the look of your bathroom. In fact, it’s as easy as changing a light bulb.

Some of the latest advancements in plumbing faucets include the Moen M Pact modular faucet system. It’s a very cool idea where you can design a bathroom look when you’re building, and simply change the handles and the spout for a remodel down the road.

It all happens with the Moen M Pact common valve system. Moen’s common valve is the heart of the Moen M Pact technology, and what it delivers to consumers is virtually endless versatility to bathroom faucet design.

It’s as simple as it sounds, you change the look of a Moen M Pact common valve using two simple tools and a simple twist of the wrist.

Moen M Pact Common Valve Easy Design Changes

One problem with plumbing faucet designs has been having to replace the entire assembly to get a new look to your bathroom.

Not only is cost a factor, but the labor of removing the base valve assembly, disconnecting the supply lines, and reassembling the whole thing to get back to functionality is nothing less than a motivation killer when it comes to bathroom redesigns.

Moen has a simpler answer to this problem. What if you could leave the valve assemblies in place and just change out the handles and spout.

Sounds too good to be true, right? But Moen’s M Pact system does just that.

Moen M Pact Common Valve is No Design Compromise

You might think that simplicity means lack of choice or variety. But that’s not the case here. Moen M Pact common valve gives you, the designer, complete control over texture, finish, and design.

Whether you envision a simple, clean modern fixture or a more traditional country style, Moen M Pact has a plumbing faucet that will fit your design vision.

The Moen M Pact Common Valve

The Moen M Pact system gives you all the comfort features you’ll want in any valve. Pressure-balancing protects you from sudden water temperature changes because of pressure changes in either your hot or cold-water supply. Full thermotactic control means temperature is constant, and separate volume controls in the shower valves give you independent flow and temperature control.

But the Moen M Pact valve system also gives you a simple twist-off feature to handles and faucets. With an allen-wrench and a screwdriver you can swap out designs as simply as changing a light bulb. You can decide one design during construction and down the road change to a different style.

The valve body installs no differently than any other Moen valve, where single and two handle designs are available. The difference is how the handle and spouts attach to the valve assembly.

Typical valves have their handles dedicated to the design of the valve body. A two-handle deck mount faucet, for example, would have a cover plate atop the handle you would pry away to expose the mounting screw below. You would remove the screw and the handle would come off with a gentle pull.

With the M Pact, you loosen the handle, or the spouts set screw, and then with a twist you unscrew the handle and spout from the valve body.

Moen M Pact Valve System Selections

Once you have the handle and spout unscrewed from the base, changing the look of your bathroom is as simple as screwing down a new, different style handle and spout.

As for variety, the Moen M Pact Valve system comes in sleek modern, classic contemporary, and traditional designs.

For finishes you have a wide selection of black, brushed chrome, chrome, brass, and bronze. Combined with the quality of Moen, the simplicity of changes, and the wide selection of styles and finishes Moen M Pact common valve fixtures are a simple decision. If you want versatility, simplicity, and variety you want the Moen M Pact valve system in your home.

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