common water heater problems

The majority of homeowners do not examine their water heaters on a daily basis to make sure everything is working properly. In fact, most people don’t ever think twice about their unit until a blaring problem arises. When it comes to taking care of your water heater, it is helpful to understand common water heater problems so you can identify them long before the issue gets out of hand. Here are a few things that might be wrong with your water heater.

Foul Smell

A very easy problem to detect is a stinky water heater, usually in the form of a rotten egg smell. This usually means that the tank is growing a bacteria or other form of mold on the inside, contaminating your entire hot water supply. When you notice this happening, it is important to call your local plumber in Tyler, TX to come take a closer look. 

Popping Sound

Using your senses can help identify problems easily, especially when you cannot see what is happening on the inside of your water heater tank. One of the most common water heater problems is a popping sound, much like kernels popping, coming from within the tank. There is sediment in the bottom of the tank that is burning off, causing a popping sound. To take care of this problem, all that has to be done is a thorough cleaning by your local plumbing and your issue will be resolved!

Not Enough Hot Water

Many people find that their water heater does not have enough hot water. If your temperature gauge is set at the right level, then it might mean that your tank is not large enough to take care of your family’s hot water needs. Fountain Plumbing can come help adjust the temperature for you, as many small movements on this gauge will have drastic effects inside your home. To avoid making your water too hot, always have professional help to take care of the problem. 

No Hot Water

Depending on the type of water heater you have (gas or electric) there are a number of different things that could be going on to cause your home to not receive hot water at all. Heating elements can fail or pilot lights can go out, both requiring the help of a local plumber. To fix common water heater problems, using a local plumber can ensure quality work in a short period of time. 

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