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How to Choose a Bathtub

Bathtubs are important fixtures. Nothing relaxes like a warm bath, and nothing sooths like soaking in a tub with salts, scents, and maybe some jetting to massage tired muscles. But for as many bathtubs fill homes coast to coast in America, there should be more conversations about what makes a bathtub work well. And frankly, […]

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Installing a Vessel Sink

Vessel sink designs have grown in popularity over the years. Once considered only for up-scale bathroom installations, vessel sinks are finding their way into more standard bathroom designs. Vessel sinks, in case you’re not familiar, are sinks that sit on top of the bathroom vanity. The major plumbing difference between a standard bathroom sink and […]

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Toilet Won’t Stop Running?

When your toilet keeps running or if the toilet runs on and off every few minutes it isn’t just annoying, it’s a money waster. Every time the toilet runs on and off water is literally going down the drain, and with it, some money. So, it makes sense that you’ll want to figure out how […]